A little taste of the good life
Whether right or wrong, makes us want to stay, stay, stay, for awhile
— Dave Matthews

8TRACK BAND pays tribute to classic 1970's Rock n’ Roll with infectious live concert energy! This dynamic 8 piece band brings to life all the tunes you know and love, with a focus on the musically sophisticated tunes you rarely hear live. Sing, dance and relive the timeless grooves that have dominated the airwaves for generations!


Brian Cumberland

Brian is our Zen master. Watch his bass face during our shows and you will see the definition of soul satiation. Cumby sees live music all over the world and brings back to 8TRACK unique song selections and spins on classic sounds. When Cumby isn’t making music, we’re pretty sure he is hanging with the Dalai Lama on a mountaintop somewhere jamming out to a mix of U2 and Tedeschi Trucks Band.


Steph chinn

Steph is the most adaptive member of 8TRACK. He rocks the trumpet and flugelhorn, and also sings backup and plays a myriad of rhythm instruments, from all over the world. He has been in more bands — of all genres of music — than he can count, is a popular guest artist for big name acts who come through New York and has been an elementary choral teacher for 26 years. He doesn’t have any spare time.


bryan Dmuchowski

Bryan is our secret weapon. Although he is the youngest member of the band, he knows more about rock/pop music and its history than all the rest of us put together, even the stuff from long before he was born. He is also our unofficial vocal director and can tickle those ivories like no body’s business. He is way too good to be playing with us and we just hope he never leaves us for something better.


Jonathan Ellner

Jonathan’s first language is music. He began his music career as a drummer but when he realized he could get more attention up-front, he taught himself to play the guitar. As guitarist and lead vocalist of 8Track, as well as a seasoned audio engineer, Jonathan leads 8Track in resurrecting the soundtrack of your youth… paying respect to the source while offering something of his own. Seeing 8Track fans singing and dancing along to one classic song after another brings him true joy — just don’t ask him to play Free Bird.


will holden

One could get lost in Will's dreamy blue eyes and blonde hair, but at the end of the day, his screaming sax is what will bring you to your knees. SAX. I said SAX. Will also sings backup, plays a variety of percussion instruments and wears red pants for our shows because it makes us happy. In his spare time, Will is a connoisseur of craft beers and is our supplier at rehearsals. Sometimes he even shares.


Jim Kovac

Jim has worked with variety of music groups as a drummer, percussionist, electronic percussion/programmer and producer over the years. But, he doesn’t get out much anymore. Now a days, he just stores up mass amounts of rhythmic kinetic energy and then unleashes it onstage with 8TRACK.


Larry Restieri

Larry Restieri is our powerhouse…in all ways. Fresh out of Harvard, he toured the country with his band for a few years (obviously it wasn’t as cool a 8TRACK) and has more kids than we can count. He is also the “Papa” of the band and wrangles the ideas of all 8 of us into the beautiful harmony you see on stage. We hear he has a really important day job, but we don't care. We just love how he makes the guitar strings howl.